The night you may only remember by the sharpie messages on the back of your 12 Barz Shirt is fast approaching.

Unsure of how you’re going to style your 12 Barz T-shirt this year? Stop stressing. We’ve got 8 easy hacks to make your shirt the envy of your whole team.

1. Turn an oversized 12 Barz Shirt into a dress

Didn’t get the size T-shirt you were looking for? No problem! Cut off the sleeves, slice cut outs, or leave them as is, and rock that XXL T as a dress, paired with knee-high socks or over the knee boots.

2. Transform your Crew Neck into a Choker.

Don’t worry about trying to find a holiday themed choker in store; turn your T-shirt into a choker by cutting out a V below the neck of the shirt & plunging it as deep as you choose.

3. Take your Tee off the Shoulder.

Off-the-shoulder tops were the shirt of the Summer. Let’s bring them back this Holiday Season by taking off the top few inches of your T-Shirt (just be careful not to cut out any of your 12 Barz checklist)!

4. Show off your Coolest Bralette with a Sleeve Monster.

Cut off your shirt’s sleeves to turn your T into a tank! Decide how much you want to show off by making your cut shallow or just a little deeper to flaunt your sides and whatever festive piece you decide to wear underneath.

5. Looking to get Creative? We have One Word for You. Fringe!

Use scissors to cut slits in the bottom of your shirt or the sleeves creating fringe and completely transforming your 12 Barz Tee. After you cut all your fringe tassels, trim away the hemmed bottom to give each tassel a natural/distressed look.

6. Get Super Festive with some sweet Holiday Decor.

We get it. Not everyone is the most handy with a pair of scissors. Sometimes Do-it-Yourself projects leave our project looking worse than it did when we started. Not crafty? Not a problem. Head to the dollar store and pick up all the Holiday gear you can get your hands on, from tinsel to lights, festive socks, ribbons and hair bows.

7. Looking to go Full-Glam?

This is a trickier look that might need to be reserved for DIY-ers who know their way around a needle and thread. You will need a pre-made trim with eyelets from your local fabric store. You can begin by cutting the crew neck into a V, this is where you will sew your trim onto the Tee (alternatively, you can use fabric glue). After attaching the trim to both sides of the V you will lace up either side of the shirt using jersey string or ribbon, starting from the inside of the V and crisscrossing to the top.

8. Thread ribbon through your 12 Barz T-Shirt to add a feminine touch.

Not quite ready to start sewing? Take the easier route and use ribbon or string in your favorite festive colors and add a lace-up detail to your top at the neck, down the sides, or on the sleeves.