Tired of the typical beer pong + flip cup tournaments ruling any and all pre-drinks?

Get ready to take your average drinking games up a notch (or two) this September with this list of drinking games we promise your guests won't get enough of at the next house party or pre-drink 🍻.

Drunk Jenga

What you need: Jenga, Permanent Marker.

How to Play:

Grab your Sharpies, all your roommates + that old box of Jenga you've had lying around. (Don't have Jenga handy? Order a box online for less than $20)!

Write a different rule on each Jenga Block (i.e. "Take a Shot", "Kiss the Person to your Right") - you can go as wild or tame as you wish.

Set Jenga up as usual, and for every block you draw you must do the task written!

Knock over the Jenga tower? Finish your drink!

Where's the Water?

What you need: Tequila, Shot glasses

This roulette style game is the ultimate bluff test.

How to Play:

To play, you simply fill up the corresponding number of shot glasses to the number of players in the game. Half the shots should be water, with the other half Β being tequila! (Or anything clear and strong will do. Think Vodka, Tequila Blanco, White Rum etc).

Each player randomly draws a shot from the pile, takes a drink, and must say "mmm, water!" in the most convincing voice they can!

If a player is called out for bluffing and was - they must drink a shot!

If they weren't bluffing and the person who called them out was wrong, the one who called them out must do a shot!

Bite the Bag

What you need: Paper Bag (Or a single sheet of printer paper will do the trick)

This one is guaranteed to get some laughs, and some quality Snapchat footage too. πŸ˜‰

How to Play:

You place the paper bag, or sheet of paper, in the centre of the room and all players take turns leaning down to pick it up using JUST your mouth, NO hands allowed.

If you can't pick up the bag, you must drink. As every round passes, 1 inch of the paper bag is cut off. This continues until only the bottom of the bag or 1 inch of the paper remains (or until no one can grab it any longer)! Finding this too easy? Have all players grab the bag while standing ONE-legged.

Fuck the Dealer

What you need: Deck of Cards

The aim of the game is to guess the # of the top card on the deck.

How to Play:

One person is chosen as the dealer, the dealer asks the person to their left to guess the top card on the deck, each person has 2 tries to guess correctly.

If they guess correctly on the first try, the dealer must take a drink and loses all points.

If the first guess is incorrect, the dealer gives a hint - telling them if the card is higher or lower before they guess again (Aces are low).

If the player guesses incorrectly again they must drink, and the dealer gets 1 point. If the player guesses correctly, the dealer must drink and loses all points.

The cards are then laid out on the table for all players to see which cards are remaining in the deck.

Once the dealer has successfully beaten 3 people in a ROW - gotten 3 points, they are safe & pass the deck of cards to the person on the left.

Civil War

What you need: Cups, Ping Pong Balls.

Think Beer Pong but taken up a couple notches.

How to Play:

Similar to Beer Pong, each player lines up their cups on opposite ends of the table, 1/3 full. You will require an even number of people to play, then divide this number in half and send each team to opposite sides of the table.

Instead of setting up two triangles of cups like Beer Pong, you set up as many cups as space on the table + players (i.e. 6 people, 3 rows. 8 people, 4 rows). See photo above for how to set up the table.

You will use half the number of balls as people playing (i.e. 6 people, 3 balls. 8 people 4 balls).

Once the game begins, each player rapidly begins shooting into the other teams cups. If someone sinks a ball into your cup you must drink that cup, flip it, and then you may resume playing. If all your cups are sunk, you are disqualified and must watch from the sidelines as you cheer your team on!

The first team to have gotten rid of all the opposition's cups WINS!

Slap Cup

What you need: Red Solo Cups, Ping Pong Balls, a Table.

How to Play:

Each player fills 2-3 cups 1/3 full (base the number of cups off of the number of players in the game).

Arrange all the full cups in a circle in the middle of the table + one extra cup with a shot/sip of everyone's drink in the centre of the circle - this is your "death" cup.

All players stand around the edge of the table, with one at each end chosen to start. The two starting the game are given 1 ball and 1 cup, the goal is to bounce the ping pong ball into the empty cup. Once they do so, they pass the ball and the empty cup to the person to their right who has to to do the same.

If you bounce your ball into the cup while the person to your right is still bouncing, you slap their empty cup off the table while they're playing! They now have to pass your empty cup to the person the right, grab a cup from the centre of the table, and drink! This is the new cup that they will be bouncing the ball into.

The game continues until there are no cups left, BUT the death cup! Whoever is left still bouncing when the death cup remains, LOSES and must finish the death cup.

** If a player bounces the ball into the cup on their FIRST try - they can now pass their cup to anybody at the table who isn't bouncing! (Ideally to the left of someone who is already bouncing)

** If a player bounces the ball accidentally into a full cup in the centre of the table, they must drink that cup and continue bouncing!

** If a player bounces the ball accidentally into the death cup, the game is over and they must chug that cup!

Never Have I Ever

What you need: Drinks

Whether your with old friends, or brand-new – this game is a sure-fire way to get to know all your friend's secrets.

The key to the game is to get your friends to admit their most embarrassing stories!

How to Play:

Use "Never have I Ever" as the prefix for a sentence that you have never done. Everyone who has done it has to take a sip of their drink.

Again, you can take this game as tame as you like "Never have I ever been to Australia", or as wild as you like... we'll leave those up to your imagination.

Need some Inspo? Let Drake show you how it's done above.

Kings Cup

What you need: Drinks, Deck of Cards

How to Play:

Place one cup in the middle of your table/circle and have all of your friends gather around. Everyone pours some of their drink into this cup (as much as little as you wish) this is the King's Cup.

Arrange all the cards in a circle face down around the deck, see photo above for how this looks.

Each player takes turns drawing a card from the centre, with each card is an instruction/game for the circle.

Drink Responsibly & have fun!