Stressing about how you're going to DIY your #BunnyHop18 shirt?

Not to worry, we've got all the inspo from Bunny Hops of past years to help you decide how you're going to design this year's shirt!

Two-Piece Set

Upgrade the classic Bunny Hop shirt to a two-piece matching set.

Lace-Up V-Neck


Take it simple with thin black lace, or make a statement with a pop of your favourite colour!

Crop the T-Shirt into a Tube top


With Spring weather on it's way, layers aren't necessery this Pub Crawl! ☀️🙌

Rock an Oversized T-Shirt as a Dress


This was one of the most popular looks from the #12Barz Pub Crawl. With the weather warming for Bunny Hop we predict this t-shirt is going to take over the crawl.



A simple way to add a pop of Easter colour to your #BunnyHop18 shirts! (and don't worry - grey is totally tie-dyeable 👏)

Crop Top


Whether you cut your T-shirt into a crop or tie it up, this a surefire way to ✔️Body Shot from your list!

Guys, this one is for you!


We're not exactly sure the design they were going for with these styles, but we're into it... & looking forward to see what the gentlemen will be coming up with this year!

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