It’s official. October is here, which means Halloween is basically upon us and because you’ve clicked on this blog it means you don’t want to blend in with the sea of black cats, devils, and shirtless toga-wearing boys.

We're here to spark your costume creativity with affordable ideas & DIY tips to pull together something dope this Halloween.

Solo Costumes:


If you haven't seen this movie yet, it's overdue.

You can do this costume solo as JLO or find the Destiny to your Ramona for serious goals.

Fyre Fest's Andy King

By now you've all heard about the crazy story that Andy tells from the Fyre Festival mess of 2017. To pull off this costume, all you gents need is a pair jeans, a blue-checkered dress shirt, and a navy sweater.

Ashley O From Black Mirror

The new season of Black Mirror was scary enough, let's relive those memories with this dope costume! Miley's character wore a white latex top and skirt, and a purple bob wig! So cute.  

Your Favourite Toronto Raptor

Not over this win? Us either. Take your pick of NBA Champions.

Margot Robbie as Sharon Tate in Once Upon A Time in Hollywood

Secure yourself a pair of white mid-calf pleather boots, a simple turtle neck, a mini skirt and of course, to top it all off, the dramatic 60's eyeliner.

Freddie Mercury

We're still shaking the goosebumps from the Live Aid concert scene at the end of Bohemian Rhapsody.

This Halloween, you can relive his iconic look with a tank top, light-wash jeans, white Adidas with black stripes, a leather studded belt (easily thrifted), and a studded armband. Pull this look altogether with the moustache (and hairdo if necessary).

Karl Lagerfeld

To honour the King of Fashion's passing this year, grab a black suit and a white button up shirt with a black tie. Make sure you wear his iconic black leather gloves, layer your jewellery, and top it all off with a white colonial wig and BIG black sunglasses!

Bonus: Carry a white stuffed cat toy the way he used to carry his cat Choupette!

Squad Costumes:

Ariana Grandes "7 Rings" Girl Gang

Grab your girls with tattoos who like getting in trouble...

It's time to hit up your local accessories store, in search of anything pink and blinged out. Think fur, hoops, chokers, sunglasses, bras, chains, and of course rings.

... oh and please ensure your gloss is poppin' 😉

Billy Ray Cyrus and Lil Nas X in “Old Town Road”

This iconic duo's song became a viral sensation overnight with Old Town Road blasting on every radio station. To put this together grab your buddy, a pair of cowboy boots, one black and one white cowboy hat. Rock a retro mic prop to complete the look.

Stranger Things

Rock the Scoops Ahoy uniform as Steve Harrington & Robin, or make this costume the perfect Trio & include Dustin with his oversized hat, graphic T, and denim vest.

Go full out with these costumes for Scoops Ahoy staff (under $60) and for Dustin - hit up your local Thrift Shop.

Big Little Lies - The Monterey 5

This costume is for you + your ride or dies. Have a 6th? Time to draw straws over who will be Mary Louise.

The  Cheetah Girls

It's time to put the Spice Girls costumes to rest this year, you and your roomies, or Cheetah Sisters, can rock this early 2000's crew instead. Complete with velour tracksuits, cheetah print shirts, and of course, cheetah print headbands to match.

The Powerpuff Girls

While you may be at risk for turning out basic  -  we believe with an edgy twist this can be the perfect costume for you and your gals... just take a look at Kendall, Hailey, & Justyne.

A Sun & Moon

Wanting to take a walk on the creative side? We're obsessed with these DIY Sun & Moon Costumes. Whether you dress them up with crazy makeup or keep it simple - this is a guaranteed cute look to try solo or with your favourite gal pal.

Kylie Jenner & Jordyn Woods

This dynamic duo’s breakup made serious headlines, sizzle the beef this Halloween by dressing up as these former besties.

There are many iconic looks to choose from but we find this one is perfect for the recognition this costume deserves. For Jordyn rock a nude latex dress and red lips, and a pink latex dress with a pink wig for Kylie. Hold some glasses of bubbly (plastic works) to top it off!

Want to turn this into a full squad look?

Add a Tristan Thompson & Khloe Kardashian to the crew to finish off the drama.

Ladies - you'll need an extra long blonde wig for KoKo + some awesome Denim and fabulous heels. Fellas - all you'll need is a Cleveland Cavaliers Jersey/T-Shirt/or even hat with athletic (basketball shoes if you've got them) and gym shorts.  

Kim K & Paris Hilton of the early 2000's

Two iconic queens of pop culture. Reminisce on the days when they ruled the Hollywood party scene. For Paris you'll need a silver sequin dress with all the silver & boujee accessories.  As Kim you can grab a tight red dress and heels. If you need a little bit of a butt lift to complete the Kim K look 🍑, try these booty shorts under your dress. If you have a blonde and brunette bestie duo this is perfect - if not rock wigs to complete the look.


Show off your costumes at Toronto's Carnivale Halloween on October 26th.