Knowledge is power, especially if it means avoiding an expensive encounter with law enforcement during HOCO & anytime you decide to get drunk. Below we provide you with a list of commonly issued tickets to innocent party goers and party throwers like yourself.

Send this around to your friends to help save them before it’s too late.

Jay Walking

This is probably one that you are least familiar with but tipsy pedestrian-party-goers have gotten jaywalking fines in the midst of HOCO block party madness. According to Ontario bylaws it is legal to jaywalk, UNLESS a you interfere with traffic. Look both ways before you cross the street.

$FINE AMOUNT: Up to $30 in Quebec,  $50 in Ontario, up to $250 in Edmonton, AND up to $700 in Nova Scotia.

Public Urination

We know that when you gotta go, you gotta go and that the wall outside the bar looks like the perfect spot... but hold it in a bit longer. Peeing is possibly the worst thing you can do and makes for an easy target for cops. A public urination ticket can sometimes land you on the sex offender list!

If the prosecutors charge you with the crime of indecent exposure or public lewdness, you can be registered as sex offender for the rest of your life.
INCLUDES: Urinating On The Sidewalk, On a Wall, On Your Neighbours Yard.
$FINE AMOUNT: $100 - $5000

Public Intoxication Ticket

Many of you will be heading home/to the next party in varying states of inebriation. It is likely you could rub a cop the wrong way and be deemed intoxicated in a public place which is an offence that often comes with an arrest.

INCLUDES: Acting So Foolish a Cop Sees You Drunk & Disorderly in Public.
$FINE AMOUNT: $115 up to Jail time

Other Public Intoxication Related Fines:

Smashing Bottles On The Road: $100 to $5000
Hiding In a Store After Closing Time: $65
Dining and Dashing: Up to $5000

Sex in Public

Having sex outdoors isn’t illegal per se, BUT if someone sees you and calls the cops, you can be charged with an indecent act under section 173 of the Criminal Code of Canada. In other words, get a room and don’t have sex within public view.

INCLUDES: Sex In The Car, In an Alley, you can figure this one out.
$FINE AMOUNT: Up 18 Months in Jail

Public Indecency

Whether you think it's a good idea to streak across your school football game, flash your breasts to the cops, or indecently expose yourself in public, we have one thing to say: Keep it in your pants for the sake of us all.

INCLUDES: Streaking at the HOCO Game, Mooning a Passing Motorcycle, Flashing Someone at The Bar, etc.
$FINE AMOUNT: $100 -  $5,000 or 6 Months- 2 Years in Jail

Mischief & Theft

That road sign for your bedroom window just isn't worth it. Under the Criminal Code of Canada you can be charged with mischief for various minor things such as this.

INCLUDES: Stealing From a Connivence Store, Taking a Road Sign, Taking a Restaurant Sign, Taking a Neighbours Lawn Ornament etc.
$FINE AMOUNT: Up to $5000, Jail, or Both

Noise Complaints

YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Even if you think you have nice neighbours, you never know who will call the cops on you after 10pm.

INCLUDES: Having a Small Birthday Gathering, Throwing an Absolute Rager, Trying to Learn to DJ at 1am, etc.
$FINE AMOUNT: $250 up to $2000 depending on how loud & how many people are at the party & how many times bylaw was called.

Defacing School/Public Property

Yeah it's tempting, but don’t draw moustaches on the graduating class of 2017 and try to resist writing your crush's name on the bathroom stall.

INCLUDES: Drawing on Staff Pictures or a School Statue, Tagging the Bathrooms With a Sharpie, Even, Hotboxing The Bathroom.
$FINE AMOUNT: $100 up to $2000. Can lead to jail time. Your school is usually informed which could lead to suspension or expulsion.

Using A Fake I.D.

If you're caught, let's just say you're lucky if the bouncer only confiscates it.

$FINE AMOUNT: $125  

Smoking In A Bus Shelter

Imagine getting fined for something as stupid as this...


Forcing A Pet To Smoke Weed

You might be a stoner but your cat isn’t.

$FINE AMOUNT: Up To $5000, Jail, Or Both

Reckless Driving

We’ve all tried our best to avoid needing more than one Uber to fit everyone, but there are other reckless driving fines you should know about.

INCLUDES: Having A Passenger in The Back Of A Pickup Truck, Driving With Your Head Out The Sunroof.

Pulling Fire Alarm

If you are the hooligan that wants to try this, just know there are cameras everywhere and it's rare to get away with it.

$FINE AMOUNT: Up to $5000, Jail, or Both. Your school is usually informed which could lead to suspension or expulsion.

Charging $ For House Parties/ Keggers

It is actually illegal to charge entry for a party that supplies booze because it's seen as selling alcohol without a license or a special occasion permit. If people under the legal drinking age attend, the repercussion is worse. We know hosting isn’t cheap, but be aware of what could happen if the cops are called.

INCLUDES: Charging $10 for The Kegger even If Girls Are Free, Letting In Underage Freshmen, Charging to Take Care of DJ Equipment Costs, etc.
$FINE AMOUNT: $500 up to $200,000 and up to one year in prison.

Didn’t listen to our fool-proof advice and you’ve been caught?

Rule #1 lower your ego and comply with what the cop says. Don’t make a break for it and get into more trouble. The drinking ticket looks better on your record than assaulting or fleeing a police officer which could land on your CRIMINAL RECORD and follow you FOREVER.