Kitchener-Waterloo hosts the biggest Oktoberfest outside of Germany so your outfits need to live up to the title.

The traditional Bavarian attire worn at Oktoberfest usually come with a hefty price-tag, but we're here to help you find the perfect look to be on-theme, and within budget!

Lady Must-Haves:

A Dirndl (Pronounced Dern-DULL)

Made up of a blouse + bodice, skirt and apron. You can build it yourself with the pieces to follow, OR you can buy a set online. There are lots of places to buy a dirndl – it just depends on how much you’re willing to spend.

The quickest, easiest, and most affordable option is ordering a Bavarian costume from Amazon (See pictures below). On Amazon, dirndl prices range from about $50-100. You can find a less expensive dirndl for $40 or a higher quality one for around $100.

Build your own Dirndl

Not a fan of the pre-made sets? Or thinking of going less traditional with a dirndl inspired outfit? The pieces are also sold separately!

The Blouse

If you are building the Dirndl yourself, you first need a blouse to wear under your bodice. Our favourite styles are the off-the-shoulder, the square cut, and/or the ruffle cut.

The Bodice:

The bodice is meant to fit like a glove and accentuate your ‘assets’ 🍑.

The Apron

Great for adding a pop of colour to your outfit! Be sure to pick one that matches with the colour of your dress.

IMPORTANT: Tying the Knot
When you tie the knot on your apron for your dirndl, the side the bow lays has meaning:
The bow to the left: you are single
The bow to the right: you are married or taken
To the middle: for children/ virgins
To the back: widowed


Dress up your look with some elaborate braided hairdos. Or just a simple two braid look- whatever you can manage.

Comfortable shoes

Heels are a no go, unless you want to be hobbling home by the end of the night. Comfy shoes are a must because the festival grounds are huge and you should be dancing on the benches by 9pm if you play your cards right.


You’ll see lots of women wearing Traditional Bavarian chokers at Oktoberfest.

Flower crown

Coachella who? Flower crowns are a thing at Oktoberfest too.

Your Party Tricks.

This is self explanatory.

Guy Must-Haves:


Traditionally the guys wear lederhosen. You only really need one pair of lederhosen for life (until the beer belly starts to creep in, of course). Snag yourself a set for as little as $20 0n Amazon.

A Button-Up Shirt

You can wear your favourite plaid shirt underneath (typically red or blue) however, white button-ups are more traditional.

Good Shoes

Something that you will not mind spilling beer all over. Should also be very comfortable so that you can dance without getting tired.  Want to go all out? There are traditional lederhosen shoes you can get on Amazon too.

Tall Socks

Traditionally, men wear lederhosen shoes with knee-high lederhosen socks.

Felt Hat

Get classy with one of these hats you can grab on Amazon.


Whether you’re going all in for your Oktoberfest outfit or just looking for something easy to throw on-top of your usual bar outfit - suspenders are a MUST.

Your Party Tricks.

This is self explanatory.

Now that you can put together the perfect Oktoberfest outfit, we better see you rocking them at BIERHALLE in Waterloo on October 10th.